CORE OF GENKAI is a German street- and sportswear fashion label, founded in Wetzlar, Germany. The concept of our independent label is based on the fascination of expressing oneself athletically through streetwear and at the same time creating self-confidence.


Made in Germany is possible. CORE OF GENKAI is the proof. Our products represent craftsmanship and quality.

Our goals are our motivation. They drive us and clarify who we are, the CORE OF GENKAI. And they have two sides.

Front: When our streetwear is worn. Power through Difference" is exemplified throughout our design line, conveying feelings of self-realization, determination and empathy. Wear our brand and experience a sense of belonging while staying true to yourself. Feel comfortable, accepted and loved.

Back: Everything behind the brand. What the customer may not see at first, but what we care about. This includes the fact that the entire process chain is combined with German craftsmanship. We currently source our fabrics and patterns from Portugal. Labels, stickers, hangtags, packaging and shipping materials are sourced exclusively from Germany.


We are committed to producing quality products in a sustainable manner. We prioritize transparency with our customers, ensuring that all pieces are traceable throughout the supply chain. Our products are designed and manufactured in our atelier. The finishing touches are also done by hand in our studio. Each step of the process is carefully examined, continuously improved and modified to make a positive contribution to the environment. In this way, we aim to make a green statement that is not common in the fashion industry. This is what sets us apart from other labels.