We believe: Less is more! Implementing this idea in the fashion industry is what sets us apart from other labels. The quality and message behind the brand is top notch.

Our products convey a sense of greatness.

The greatest thing we can aspire to is self-love and self-acceptance, especially in a world that tries to deceive us into believing that being different is a weakness. Following our inner calling, maintaining the conviction that we are destined for something greater, often leaves us as strangers, as outsiders in society. Our uniqueness is also the outsider status inherent in all of us.

GENKAI is a call to action. It's about accepting yourself for who you really are, and finding the strength, courage, and determination to transcend boundaries, realize yourself, and bring out the best in you. It's a symbol of drawing strength from being different. The gifts we have been given are also our purpose, our reason for being. They were given to us so that we could unleash them into the world and serve as an inspiration to others.

Each individual has gifts. These, in turn, are our purpose. Each of us should use our gifts and serve as an inspiration to others. It's important that the gifts of each individual are not judged or valued.